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The Invincible Family - Book Review Part 2, A New Take on the Genesis of Love

Gene Van Shaar

Aug 5, 2021


In her new book, The Invincible Family, Kimberly Ells explains how the family unit is uniquely suited to foster and produce the most powerful force in the world: Love.


Ells explains,


If a God exists, then it seems that even in all his celestial brawn he cannot force people to love each other. He can only command and encourage them to love each other. It is the widely circulated claim that his two most emphatic commands are to love him and to love other people. If that is the case, it is likely he has deliberately designed virtually every aspect of life and creation with the intent of encouraging adherence to his foremost command: to love. If this is true, then human bodies are likely designed to lead each person to experience, express, understand, and become love. (pp. 49-50)


Ells deals with a host of hard-hitting issues related to family destruction, but some of the most insightful chapters in the book hinge on the concept of familial love: what it is, why it works, and why the world couldn’t survive without it. Ells says,


Since the rearing of children by a mother is based largely on that mother’s love for her children and since the rearing of noble people determines the destiny of nations and the flourishing of the world, our whole system of life and society is based on love, specifically, the love of mothers. (p.69)


Ells deals deftly with arguments that paint the "unpaid work" of mothers as an unjust travesty that must be rectified by way of liberating women from their own children, instituting universal daycare, and substituting money for love in the universal economy. She exposes the menacing global machinery that threatens to explode family-based living in favor of "communal" living in which children do not belong to specific parents and paid caregivers raise the children of the world.


Citing a slew of anti-family activists, Ells shows just how vehement the movement against the family and against motherhood has become, and paints the picture of what the world would look like without families and the love that flows from them:


Against a landslide of data in favor of the family, modern feminists, socialists, and sexual radicals stubbornly insist that if the biological family is abandoned completely, equality-induced euphoria will engulf the globe. As these zealous disciples continue to toil for the disappearance of motherhood, one is left to wonder what the state of the world might be when mothers are finally thrown on the scrap heap of history. I can imagine no greater hell than a world without mothers. (p.133)


Ells also explains in detail why socialist ideals that claim to evoke love and kindness from all people by obliterating the family and spreading "equality" around will never work. She says:


You cannot erase a soul’s recurring urges to excel and rebel even if you give him everything he wants. And ironically, if you give a person everything he wants, you almost always end up with a fantastically selfish, unsavory person on your hands, not the kind of person who spontaneously loves and shares. (p.59)


Ells devotes a whole chapter to "The Goodness of Men," and cites data showing that despite the common narrative that men are violent, sex-crazed buffoons, most men actually love their families and act as protective entities for their wives, children and communities:


Men’s anatomical situation invites them to act as guardians of that which is most prized: the private sphere and the people in it—the family. It is a bit like the fabled knight with sword in hand, vigilantly guarding the Holy Grail. Man is the protector of the fountain of life (his wife) and the lives that flow from it (his children). He takes his charge seriously and fills it with valor. This is manhood at its finest (p.83)


One of the most troubling chapters in The Invincible Family exposes the hideous nature of comprehensive sexuality education and shows how it displaces parents and exposes children to graphic sexual content. Another chapter shows how comprehensive sexuality education is primed to flood the world through UN-directed education directives which claim to protect children but actually reduce the likelihood that children will grow up to experience the greatest possible love and joy in their lives—which is most often found in committed family living. Ells explains,


Comprehensive sexuality education is among the most potent weapons in the arsenal of family destruction. It pulls little children onto its lap and tells them it is their rightful quest to seek and experience sex outside the protective guardrails of committed family living…It speaks little of parenthood and much of pleasure. It speaks much of rights and little of wrongs. Mothers and fathers are consistently the best gatekeepers of their children’s well-being. Sexual rights activists, who have a monetary interest in sexualizing children, are not. (p.215)


Perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say thatThe Invincible Family is primed to help accomplish the task laid out by Old Testament prophets of “turn(ing) the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers” (Malachi 4:5-6). In fact, it is already turning hearts. One reader said, "The Invincible Family has opened my eyes and changed my life. It does not feel political or partisan. It focuses on the core ideas, history, world leaders, and outcomes. It's powerful and gave me brand new perceptions of parents, children, and freedom."

Don’t overlook this one-of-a-kind book. It will not only get you thinking but will get you off the couch and ready to protect, defend, and fortify the family—starting with your own.


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