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Resisting the Coup Disguised as an Election

Gene Van Shaar

Nov 7, 2020


Donald Trump's election to the presidency in 2016 was unexpected. Those who wanted to transform our constitutional republic into a socialist state knew Trump would stand in their way, so they planned a coup to get rid of him. They falsely accused him of being a Russian agent who should be impeached. Two years of democrat and media lies ended in failure for coup #1. They moved on to coup #2 by attempting to impeach Trump for an offense that Joe Biden bragged about committing. All but two democrat representatives voted for the phony impeachment, but coup #2 still failed. They soon moved on to the next coup. Coup #3 is a Marxist revolution in the form a fraudulent election to replace President Trump with a socialist change agent.


The Democratic-Socialist plan spearheaded by the corrupt media had the following primary parts:


1) Consistently promote and glorify socialism.

2) Constantly vilify Trump and the free market.   

3) Promote the climate change hoax to cripple capitalism.

4) Use the COVID 19 crisis to weaken the country. 

5) Use the mainstream news and big tech to propagate deception.

6) Use COVID 19 as an excuse to set up mail-in voter fraud. 

7) Use phony polls to suppress Republican voters.

8) Delay ballot counting in democrat-controlled areas.

9) Use fraudulent ballots and counting to steal the election.


The clever use of these tactics almost guaranteed success. They could almost certainly execute a Marxist coup in the United States of America without firing a shot, just as Lenin proposed. If coup #3 (or any Marxist coup) is successful, the United States will begin the inexorable Marxist march into darkness.   


How do we deal with a Marxist coup or an illicit government? Do we sink into despair? Do we give up? Do we turn against our traditional values and jump on the socialist bandwagon? No, we do not give in to self-defeating behaviors. Here are some things we need to do regardless of who occupies positions of power:


Discern whether leaders are legitimate or illicit and support or resist appropriately.

Continue to believe in and teach the history and principles of freedom. 

Within the bounds of the law—defend life, liberty, and property.

Wisely prepare for the future, physically and spiritually.

Follow the beneficial example of our ancestors. 

Continue seeking happiness and following the golden rule.  

Believe in and prepare for the Second Coming of Christ. 


Leftists spent almost four years trying to convince us that Donald Trump was an illegitimate president, but despite their efforts he turned out to be genuine and effective at every turn. Now they are demanding support for illicit usurpers coming to power through fraudulent coup #3. It is vital that we recognize and resist fraud when it stares us in the face and that we garner all possible support for legitimate, fair, and honest governance that upholds liberty and the Constitution of the United States.


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Gene Van Shaar has spent a lifetime studying and teaching a wide range of religious and secular topics. He is a master teacher whose lessons and stories have generated both laughter and tears. As a defender of freedom, he has fostered independence by encouraging students and readers to embrace correct principles and resist coercion. Like Thomas Jefferson, he has "sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." Many of his books and articles are available on the Gene Van Shaar Substack