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The Freedom Saving Series

by Gene Van Shaar



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Gene Van Shaar

Aug 11, 2023


Many GVS publications are now available at the following link:  


Since losing loved ones to lies can be as tragic as losing them to vice, we recommend reading and discussing the following new book before embarking on life's challenging journeys, such as education, marriage, careers, social and political affiliations, and spiritual quests.


Freedom and Fulfillment vs. Captivity and Misery

Saving truths from history, religion, literature, politics, and science


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> Lords of Freedom, an exciting new novel including adventure, realistic action, surprising insights, and a touch of romance. 

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Gene Van Shaar has spent a lifetime studying and teaching a wide range of religious and secular topics. He is a master teacher whose lessons and stories have generated both laughter and tears. As a defender of freedom, he has fostered independence by encouraging students and readers to embrace correct principles and resist coercion. Like Thomas Jefferson, he has "sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." Many of his books and articles are available on the Gene Van Shaar Substack